Headless WP Podcast

Cloudflare with Kirk Schwenkler

April 14, 2023 WP Engine Developer Relations Season 3 Episode 15
Headless WP Podcast
Cloudflare with Kirk Schwenkler
Show Notes

Kirk Schwenkler is a Solutions Architect for the Developer Platform at Cloudflare. Lots of our architecture at WP Engine uses Cloudflare in different ways, as I’m sure many other tech companies do as well, so we wanted to have Kirk on to unpack some of the interesting things that Cloudflare can do for you and your projects. 

We dive into some of the following topics:

  • Defining the role edge compute and CDNs play in web architecture
  • The difference between Cloudflare workers and traditional origin servers
  • The nuances of storing your data at the edge
  • How the edge can work in conjunction with headless WordPress

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