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GraphQL at the Edge with Stellate

August 17, 2022 WP Engine Developer Relations Season 3 Episode 3
Headless WP Podcast
GraphQL at the Edge with Stellate
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In this episode, Jeff and Fran talk with Max Stoiber and Thomas Heyenbrock of Stellate, an innovative company working in the GraphQL space. Some of this episode's highlights include: 

  • learning more about Stellate's core offerings around GraphQL edge caching and analytics, along with future ambitions around unifying third-party service data in GraphQL
  • discussing some of the challenges around caching GraphQL queries when compared to REST APIs
  • digging into the details of Stellate's WordPress plugin and their motivation behind creating it (hint: lots of people are using WPGraphQL)
  • sharing some thoughts on why developers reach for a headless architecture

Max's Twitter
Max's Website

Thomas' Twitter

Guest Introduction
Thomas' journey into Web Dev
How do you configure cache in Stellate?
Stellate WordPress plugin
Stellate Analytics
GraphQL and Facebook/Meta
Stellate's rebrand from GraphCDN
Schema Migration
What makes Stellate a unique product?
GraphQL future adoption
What is the advantage of adopting Headless WP?
Stellate's WordPress cache hit rate
Fran's fun questions